GreinTime Productions logo is a big ole fishhook. That’s exactly what we do every day. We fish for solutions to all your production needs. It takes patience and a good amount of invested time, but it’s always worth it when we pull in the big haul for our clients! We genuinely love working hard and busting our backsides to make it all happen. And that. my friend, is no fishing tale!


GreinTime is a Film, Commercial and Music Video Production company bringing inventive stories and inspired imagery to clients around the world.

We specialize in high-quality video and photography production that people can’t help but talk about. Our clients include every- one from Fortune 500’s to National Non-Profits to Small Businesses to Startups.

Whether it’s a TV commercial, an infomercial, a corporate video production, a web video, a tradeshow video, a TV Show, or a Film, our clients and theirs rave about the product we bring to the screen.

GreinTime Productions brings a unique blend of technical and creative expertise to every project we take on. Everything we do is a Hollywood-level video production experience without the Hollywood prices.


We enjoy partnering with you on everything from concept to final cut and we offer world-class creative services including branding, scripting, world-class VFX, and post-production. If needed, we’ll work with you hand in hand to formulate your company’s messaging and then script the right story to help you stand out above all the competition. Just try us once and we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

GreinTime works awesomely with Internal Teams and Advertising Agencies as well.


Andrew Grein was born and raised in Edina, Minnesota and received a football scholarship to Moorhead State where he attended business school. Andrew then migrated south to Georgia and began work as a production manager for Turner Studios before starting his own company. Andrew is the proud father of two princesses and is happily married to his lovely wife Stacy.

While at Turner, Andrew’s positions included line producer, unit production manager, and tech on the Milo motion control camera team for 8 years. He worked live shows, tabletop, and FX shoots for both internal and external productions, from Cable News to television shows to commercials and films. Once starting GreinTime Productions, he has produced and production managed for HGTV, the Weather Channel, NFL, Fox, Turner, Paramount, and a diverse array of commercial clients and agencies.

Andrew Grein has established a solid reputation for making things happen in a creative, efficient, cost effective manner.

Word on the Water

Not only do our clients think we’re super talented, we’re also super-easy to work with. Take a gander below at what our clients have tosay about GrienTime.

GrienTime Productions is absolutely phenomenal. Andrew Grein works harder and better than anyone I’ve seen. He puts his whole heart into a production and doesn’t relax until it’s done and it’s done right. He also brings a ton of ideas to the project as well as everything he touches. We just wrapped on a 20-minute video with GreinTime Productions for our biggest client and we couldn’t be more pleased

Jeff Van Zandt

Creative Director at ZWO Branding in Greenville, SC

Why Fish with us?

GreinTime Productions is always looking for the next challenge and an opportunity to captain your ship through that perfect storm. Look to us to transform great ideas into amazing campaigns, working with enough patience and skill to pull in that trophy catch – on time and on budget! We add something special to each production, walking the dock with a little extra swagger.

After almost a decade in the production industry working for both Turner Studios and in a joint venture production company that produced and sold a feature film, we decided it was time for new waters. GreinTime Productions was born on the ocean, inspired while on a fishing trip in 2008. Since then we’ve branched out into several markets and grown into a solid production team that a diverse client base turns to for their production needs. We have a full tackle box, having extensively produced in film, commercials, music videos, sporting events, live television, print campaigns, corporate videos, and digital media outlets. We have in-depth experience with corporate events and project management outside of the production industry as well.

GreinTime maintains the personal touch of a boutique production house, but with the high quality clients expect from a much larger company. Our projects have varied from smaller budget, web-based productions to multimillion-dollar commercial campaigns.

We cater to all budgets, can make any idea a reality, and ensure both the client and crew enjoy the process.

The boat is fueled up – we’re waiting for your call. No fish is too small; no haul too large – GreinTime has the solutions to all your production and fishing needs!

Let’s hit the water!



Tim Wainwright is a Director and Director of Photography for Motion and Stills. Tim has over 20 years of experience collaborating with with Ad Agencies and Production Companies to create memorable TV commercials and long form programs that clearly communicate their client’s message. While excellent bringing scripted pieces to life Tim also excels at working with real people and telling their stories with truth and authenticity. His expertise as a Director of Photography and Photographer guarantees clients great efficiency on set – delivering Motion and Still Images at the same time to create and integrated visual campaign for every media outlet.


Mike Poppe’s primary attributes are a recognized talent for a creative synergy, and finding innovative solutions for large or small companies. With over 18 years of design experience, Mike Poppe is the person to go to for all the creative services a company will need to bring a product to market. We bring together graphic and product design, branding, research, inventing and engineering to help achieve your business objectives or to create new ones. Our unique process and methodology helps us breathe new life into your business or brand.

Get in Tough with the Captain

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